Qlikview Consultant

Ref: 411| Posted: 3rd Dec 2019

Durham Professional Services is working o recruit a QlikView professional, on a call-off basis, to develop a one-stop portal (myWorld) on behalf of our client. It is expected that our client will require between 30-60 days in 2020 to help deliver the portal. The role will be based from Falkirk, but an element of remote working can also be agreed. The days required in 2020 would be by mutual agreement and availability.

As such we are looking for professionals who are fully conversant with the Qlik Platform, specifically QlikView and Qlik Sense development and deployment.

The requirements for the project are defined under:

  1. Development of the portal output(s) using QlikView, and the resulting coalescence of My Pay and My Reward into My World
  2. Possible development of selected My Pay product updates using QlikView
  3. Development of a Qlik Sense version of My World, which will allow deployment to personal mobile devices.

In addition, you will be expected to:

  1. Accept a handover from the Lead Product Developer at the commencement of the engagement; and
  2. Provide a handover to the Lead Product Developer during ‘keeping in touch’ days and at the conclusion of the engagement.

It is anticipated that the work will be completed during a series of ‘Sprints’, which are expected to last between 4 and 6 weeks each.  The workload of the Lead Product Developer resources required will vary from sprint to sprint, but the expected effort (with an agreed margin) will be agreed at the start of the sprint.

For example, we may agree that the number of days effort required in Sprint 1 is 10 days +/- 2 days.