Is it always about the big bucks???

 13 Aug 2018

Is it always about the big bucks???

The one thing we hear more and more about is Work/Balance.

There is a certain kind of candidate which this means a huge amount too. They still want the challenging role that gives them the career advancement but also gives them the quality of life outside work. Shouldn’t we all be like this? Do you really want to lie on your death bed and say ‘well at least I was good at my job’? This might matter to some but surely not everyone?

Depends on what you do.  

Yes, I have dealt with client and candidate calls whilst on a beach in Turkey, but I choose to pick up the phone. I love my job, it’s one of my many passions. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m my own boss, god knows I was a nightmare to manage!

But what about the people who don’t have a work/life balance? What if their current work doesn’t offer that?

When I lived in Australia and New Zealand, they had the right idea, Work to Live, not Live to Work. The amount of times I hear candidates talking about working 60 hour weeks or more. Conference calls into the night and working through lunch hours.  Heading to the office early to get things done before the real day starts. Should we be working ourselves this hard?

Are large salaries the be all and end all? Over £ 43,431 (in Scotland) you hit the higher tax bracket, lose childcare vouchers and seem to get penalised for the more you earn. What’s the point of working every hour god sends but having nothing or no one to spend it on or spend it with.

I used to work for a recruiter who demanded staff start at 8am and stay until 6:30pm. I couldn’t see the point. I was billing well beyond my targets and could do a sterling job 9-5pm. Why should I stay late and end up hating doing what I do? I don’t last long there. No thanks.

I’m much more about quality not quantity.

So, the next time you leave the office at 8pm or sit at your laptop on a weekend in your jammies getting stuff done. Ask yourself, am I doing this because I want to or because I think I don’t have a choice.

If it’s the latter give me a call. We work with likeminded companies who offer superb benefits and a real work life/balance. You should enjoy your time working, if not, what’s it all worth?


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