Working from Home

 6 Mar 2019

Working Remotely In today’s recruitment market we see more and more candidates looking for roles that will “allow” them to work from home. It’s changed days from clocking in at 9 and clocking off at 5... read more

World Mental Health Day

 10 Oct 2018

World Mental Health day How do you treat yours? I’ve been in recruitment nearly 15 years. It’s a job I love and luckily, I think I’m not too bad at it. I work with decent clients and in turn I’m able ... read more

What's your Path ?

 21 Aug 2018

What’s your path? I was absolutely delighted to see a Hashtag bursting round twitter when the Scottish exam results came out #nowrongpath As my eldest starts college on Monday, having had the last of ... read more

Is it always about the big bucks???

 13 Aug 2018

Is it always about the big bucks??? The one thing we hear more and more about is Work/Balance. There is a certain kind of candidate which this means a huge amount too. They still want the challenging ... read more

Salary Survey 2017

 22 May 2017

This Salary Guide is a compilation of salary and market information provided by DPS consultants, clients, candidates and other sources across Scotland. Information was gathered by drawing on the exten... read more

Don't Do a David

 23 Apr 2014

With the recent parting of the ways between Manchester United and David Moyes, it got me to thinking. Did David really consider the offer at hand or was he simply swept away by Alex Ferguson and the j... read more

Avoiding Poor Recruitment Agencies

 18 Nov 2013

Unfortunately, due to historic (and current) malpractice by a handful of recruiters our industry does not have the reputation of say Accountancy or Law, and for that reason is largely thought of as a ... read more

Client Branding

 16 Sep 2013

A very interesting article that we would like to share with all of our clients and potential clients in the world of commerce. The importance of 'Employer Branding' Dr Sandeep K Krishnan, Vital Signal... read more

Our Guide to Competency Based Interviews

 27 Aug 2013

Our guide to getting through competency based interview. Many companies now use competency based interviews (CBI’s) as a gauge to ascertain candidate behaviours and how they approach situations. The w... read more

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