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 6 Mar 2019

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Working Remotely
In today’s recruitment market we see more and more candidates looking for roles that will “allow” them to work from home. It’s changed days from clocking in at 9 and clocking off at 5 and companies are realising the potential of utilising home workers and how it can in fact really help the business.
I work remotely. We don’t have posh office in the city where people must register. We meet candidates and clients in coffee shops or restaurants, its more relaxed for everyone.
Working from Home or WFH as its known as (look at me with the lingo!) is about trust, not trusting your colleague when they are working from home says more about you than them. You can see people are online when they say they are. We are all grown up, aren’t we?
Every candidate, contractor and Client I speak to states they are more productive when they work from home. Whither its sitting in their pyjamas or fully suited and booted they feel the can be more focused and much less distracted. Yes, some might have Loose Woman or a podcast on in the background, but they feel that they can achieve much more when sitting in isolation and able to just get their heads down.
Many work from home due to childcare, I guarantee these people don’t clock off at 5 and most are still working later in the night. Accommodating their days to suit, but still getting the work done.
With Skype/Facetime and dialling in, conference calls and meetings are still met and could more productive.
Financially businesses don’t have to find as many desks as people desk-hop when they are in the office. Especially if the team rotates working from home.
For us as recruiters is surprising now how many people ask if it’s an option and more and more organisations are adopting the model.
I’ve even heard of Doctors now talking to patients via facetime or skype to save a build up at surgeries. Prescriptions are sent to the chemist if required.
So, the next time your colleague asks to work from home, and you say no, ask yourself why? What’s stopping it happen. If its critical they are in the office then fair enough, but if they don’t physically need to be there then why not see what happens.
We currently have remote developers all over the UK, it opened the field for employers to get good technical staff, gets the job done and everyone is happy.
Beautiful isolation…………why not give it a try.


I started working from home full time, in Scotland and Poland, in 2017 having worked remotely for 2 days each week since 2010. It's up to me to be flexible enough to travel as required, but given the ease of communication and IT connectivity remote working can work very well for all parties.
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