World Mental Health Day

 10 Oct 2018

World Mental Health day

How do you treat yours?

I’ve been in recruitment nearly 15 years. It’s a job I love and luckily, I think I’m not too bad at it. I work with decent clients and in turn I’m able to be honest with my candidates on the future career they will have with them. Yes, you will work with great people and yes, the company will care about you and your personal goals.

When we set up our business over 5 years ago, we wanted to make our reality to only work with clients that offer a real opportunity to our candidates.

Mental Health is a big part of that.

Previously, I’ve been ridiculed for the job I do, likened to a cockroach, been told I’m only slightly better than a politician and I would sell my granny if I had the chance.

Yeah, yeah…………. everyone hates a recruiter, until they need one. I am human too you know!

In my previous life I’ve worked with clients who has no regard for the people they work with or the people they are bringing in. One client said I couldn’t send CV’s of women who were “of child birthing age”. Quite rightly so this company no longer exists. I’ve seen the screamers and a foot stomper come and go, I’ve probably done that myself at some point. I still hear of horrible places which people must work in. “why are you looking for a move?” unfortunately it can be the bully boss or the lack of understanding. These are clients we don’t deal with and I for one am very proud of that.

Luckily, our clients are dedicated to making sure their colleagues are well supported. Mental health is firmly on the table and our companies have wonderful HR divisions specialising in their employee’s whole work experience. Times have changed and its breath-taking to see.

Most of you will spend 8 hours (ish) a day, 5 days a week at work. It should be a safe environment, if its not give me a call or email. I can get you in touch with our clients that offer that and more.



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