GDPR Candidate Agreement

Upon registering with Durham Professional Services your details will be stored securely in our cloud-based database, Firefish for 2 years. Upon this anniversary you can choose to remain on our database or opt out and ask to be removed from our system.

Durham Professional Services will store your data securely for 2 years to include your mobile number, email address, social media contact information, CV, and any subsequent information relevant to your jobs search.

Durham Professional Services will store your data for this length of time to ensure when that you are ready to seek a new role in the market we have all your contact information available to allow us to act in your timeframe.

Durham Professional Services will never share your information or data with any third party without your express permission. You must make us aware of any changes to this data, so we can update our records accordingly.

Durham Professional Services allows a candidate to access their data at any time, with 48 hours from request to providing a copy of their full records.

This candidate policy is written without prejudice and is available as a copy via email or the GDPR Officer